Homemade Camera Zine No.1

Homemade Camera Zine No.1

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This is the print version of the Homemade Camera Zine No. 1.

THERE ARE TWO VARIANTS TO CHOOSE FROM ON THIS ITEM. THE FIRST IS FOR US/CANADA CUSTOMERS, WHICH IS $10 PLUS SHIPPING. THE OTHER IS FOR UK/EU CUSTOMERS, WHICH IS $0 PLUS SHIPPING, SHIPPING WILL COME TO SOMETHING LIKE $24, WHICH INCLUDES THE COST OF THE ZINE. Unfortunately I can’t make a special shipping option for flat pack zine shipping to the EU, but normal shipping as I’ve set it up for the rest of my products covers the cost of the zine plus shipping to EU/UK. please make sure to order the correct version for your shipping zone. Apologies for this confusing inconvenience.

This item is a pre-order only, Pre-order period will end on September 22nd, and all Zines will ship by October 7th.

This is not a CAMERADACTYL product, although it is being sold through the CAMERADACTYL website. All profits will be remitted to the Homemade Camera Podcast to cover printing costs and maybe some web hosting fees.

A free PDF version of this zine is available at www.homemadecamera.com/the-zine/

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